Rapid deployment system for monitoring events using mobile cameras and social media. CrowdSec is merging tools from various sources for analysis and distribution of data. CrowdSec enables better protection of crowds, in arbitrarily, unplanned events, which can be small to large in dimensions, and even at multiple sites at the same time:

  • High-quality, multi-sensory, multi-viewpoint and multi-streamed, relying on HD and 3D solution for protection of the crowd. Based on a scalable architecture for crowd management, supporting multiple sites, multiple networks, and multiple sensors and more.
  • Integrated solution and management systems to gather information from the crowd and from first responder’s devices. Those devices are fast deployable, reusable such as access devices and sensors.
  • First responder’s tool for video analytics that enables better intervention strategies, based on various gathered information from this project, and assists in prediction of crowd behavior and their psychological mood. Based on various inputs as well as social networks, mobile networks and more.