GoldenSpear Cyber-HUMINT

Virtual Spies for DarkNet Intelligence Collection


  • Management of virtual spies - We are able to operate undercover virtual spies inside various platforms online. A high portion of information found online is available only through specific interactions via social media sites, black markets and forums. Cyber-Humint therefore enables the extraction of exclusive and otherwise unavailable data.
  • Undercover active operations - We are able to operate active undercover spies on dark platforms, in order to create reliable interactions with our targets. This way we are able to take parts in discussions, sell and buy information on black markets, take part in illegal activities online in order to collect very valuable intelligence for law enforcement and security organizations.
  • DarkNet intelligence collection - For the intelligence expert, the dark net offers the potential of acquiring concrete and sometimes crucial information. However, the anonymity and lack of reliable indexes of darknet sites often make the monitoring of this source a complicated and impossible mission. Our product brings the automation of dark net data harvesting and analysis to a whole new level, thus boosting the intelligence efforts.
  • Illegal underground arena discovery - We monitor the large number of illegal black markets on the dark web. Such markets often offer stolen credit cards, fake documents and illegal drugs. Monitoring of black markets online is crucial for every agency’s law enforcement efforts.